Apostle J.L.Butler
...Believe His Prophets, so shall ye prosper... II Chronicles 20:20
The Apostle's Bio...


 Apostle J.L. Butler is the Prophetic overseer for Prophetic Kingdom Ministries which focal points are to re-establish the order of sonship within the body.  To exemplify a disciplined and mature ministry centered around obedience to the apostolic God governed leadership and sensitivity to the voice of God - so that prophetic deliverance is discharged to saints and sinners alike. Apostle Butlers’ conception into the prophetic began when his steps were ordered to his spiritual father Apostle J.L. Newton a prominent Apostolic voice in the earth based out of Lawton, Oklahoma that pressed the importance of prayer as a way life that would keep the presence and the voice of God constant in his life.

Known for his uncompromising preaching and teaching, Apostle Butler is anointed to reveal the hidden truths of the word of God and is passionate about blessing God’s people that they may live Kingdom lives. Humble, Disciplined, Obedient, Prophetic and Anointed are a few words that describe this man of God. Apostle Butler has traveled all over releasing the Kingdom of God in the earth realm, bringing deliverance, healing, clarity, wholeness to many and destroying the enemies plan for their lives through the anointing of God. The anointing of a true apostolic servant rest upon this man of God and he has been divinely chosen to prophetically guide men and women everywhere back to Jesus Christ.



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